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ISIPHOR™ - Litec-LLL's High Performance Phosphors

Isiphor™ Materials are well known for their high efficiency, outstanding reliability and stable quality. We´re dedicated to serving our customers with tailored converter materials for LED’s, as well as special applications.


With our deep Know-How aided by 15+ years of R&D experience, we have developed best in class silicate materials for almost the full visible spectrum. Additionally, we have a comprehensive Garnet portfolio from cyan to yellow emitters, with various particle sizes. We keep up with industry trends such as miniaturization, the need for better light quality as well as higher color gamut, and research in smaller size converters with high absorption and narrow emitters.

Click on the icon below, to download our product overview. Also check out the information on the bottom of the page and contact us to let us know, how we can help add value to your products!

ISIPHOR™ - Portfolio Overview

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Litec Portfolio Slide 5.png

ISIPHOR™ - Silicates

ISIPHOR™ - Garnets

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ISIPHOR™ - Small Particle Size Converters

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ISIPHOR™ - Narrow Emitters - New R&D Materials

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Your choice for light conversion

IsiPhor Gold-transparent.png

Click on the icon below, to download our product overview.

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